The most commonly asked questions are answered here!

Account & Profile Creation

Create your username and enter your email address. Complete the initial setup then check your chosen email address for your system generated password. You MUST use that password initially to log in to Enby Love©. We recommend you change the password to something personal for you after you have logged in by selecting Edit Profile.

Cross Platform?

Cross platform refers to using your login credentials across many devices. Yes this is permitted! As an example: you have created your account, originally, on your smart phone. Today you want to log in to your account on your computer. The same credentials are used for both (and all) devices you wish to use.

Acceptable Form of Payment

You can use your Debit or Credit Card or PayPal©. No PayPal© account is required.

Am I required to pay in advance for several months of service?

We highly discourage paying many months in advance. Your subscription is for a 30 day period, or 1 month at a time. Unless you cancel your re-occurring billing with your financial institution, you will be charged on the 31st day from the date you signed up.

How do I request a refund?

Sorry but refunds are not part of the deal here! Our plans are per month, no advanced payment or bait and switch tactics used.

Here’s how billing works:

You register for your personal account, select your pricing plan. This covers 30 days of service.

On the 12th day you decide to discontinue your service plan. You’re free to cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Contact your financial institution or the means with which you paid for your service and cancel the re-occurring bill.

Your service remains open to be used until the 31st day when your account would typically be due for payment. Our system will automatically detect your cancellation and no further charges will be applied.