User Controlled Privacy

Users can can control their own Privacy Options to allow for Everyone or Friends Only. These are set for viewing profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video.

Lifestylerz© Privacy

Privacy is a huge concern for all online users in today’s advanced world of technology, and rightly so. We continually hear of social media platforms, Fortune 500 companies, banks, movie studios and others having breaches in their security. When these events are made public, a large level of speculation from the public deems the issue as a lack of security.

This is not always an accurate assumption. The simpler fact comes with hackers or anti-privacy groups working harder to expose your personal information. You, as an individual are not always the target but rather become collateral damage when an organization or business falls prey to an information terror attack.

Our technical team works tirelessly to protect your personal information. Our strategic analysts stay current on the most common and public threat information 24 hours a day. This means we are continually monitoring our servers, and platform of profiles for potentially dangerous material.

Security, Privacy & Updates

In our efforts to keep your information safe, we will release updates to our platform as often as is needed. We highly encourage you to take a moment to update your device as soon as an update notice has been received. In mirroring this same policy for most cellular, computer, and carrier companies, we help ensure the best way to prevent security breaches.

Selling Data

Unlike other systems that sell user information to marketing groups, we do not. Nor will we ever! It’s our belief that we collect only relevant data to ensure your safety and a joyful and potentially honest match.

Data Collected

There is no way to avoid any data collection when it comes to a dating platform. In order for a user to register for an account, they must provide real time information for the registration to take place. Additionally, upon their profile completion, they must also provide a legal form of tender. However as stated above, we will never sell your data for advertising or marketing purposes.

Based on federal guidelines, anyone who creates an account through our platform is digitally registered via their IP (Internet Protocol) address. This information is collected for each user, regardless of physical location in an effort to prevent a single user from creating multiple accounts. This information is never made available to the public but will be surrendered to law enforcement upon their request, in the event of legal proceedings.

Law Enforcement

In the event we receive legally authorized requests for user information, we will ALWAYS abide by it. In no way will we ever block a legally authorized subpoena for information. We will only ever follow the letter of the law to it’s fullest extent.

Likewise, our users are instructed to cooperate with any and all law enforcement officials at all times. We will provide any documentation on a user at their request. In some cases, this will require us to notify the user in question, and in others, it may not. But we will take our lead from the agency that holds jurisdiction.

Contact Us

Any questions or issues related to privacy can be emailed using the How To tab above, then Contact Us